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Title 1/17 Dogras cap/collar badge, white metal
Nationality British Empire
Period 1922-45

This regiment dates back to 1887 as the 37th Bengal Native Infantry (Dogra). The recruits came from the hills of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir. They are Hindus of Rajput origin, traditional soldiers with a record of centuries of service, courageous and with great powers of physical endurance.

In 1925, the Punjabi Mussalmen were transferred to the 15th Punjabis in exchange for their Dogras. The second battalion also exchanged its PM elements in a similar manner, thus creating an exclusively Dogra regiment. The 1st Bn, after serving in Burma 1930-36 in suppressing the rebellion, went on to fight with distinction in India, Burma, Malaya and Java in WW2.

It measures 24mm high and is in reasonable shape.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The bayonet just arrived, it's great, I'm very pleased with it. Thanks again for a superb service.

G D, UK, 29.01.2012

Thank you very much for sending the order through so quickly.

S H, UK, 05.02.2009