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Title 10 x 50 artillery binoculars by Carl Zeiss of Jena
Nationality German
Period 1940

This is the slightly more uncommon version of artillery/tank binoculars. They are normally found in 7 x 50 format. The case on this pair is clearly dated 1940 and Waffenamt stamped, as are the binoculars. The binoculars are not dated, but are maker marked Carl Zeiss of Jena, the premier optical instrument maker of the period.

They would have been used for artillery observation and by tank commanders.

The construction of the case would appear to be solid leather, unlike the later versions, which were often made of pressed paper with a thin veneer of leather. The case is damaged at the belt loop, but a careful field repair has been made and the hinge on the lid still functions, but not in its original belt loop mode.

The optics are somewhat bloomed with age and damp, but they are still fairly sharp, with just a very slight hint of brown haze when viewing through them. Two small screws are missing from the one of the uppermost face plates. There is also some old corrosion on the grips of the focusing elements. The leather body of the binoculars is in magnificent condition.

I have priced them according to their condition - a really good pair would be double this.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Very pleased with it [the bayonet].

R P, UK, 31.08.2017

Having had time to have a relax and a good look at the brooch, am very pleased with it, many thanks for sending it on promptly and safely. Will keep an eye on the site.

G B, UK, 13.02.2010