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Title 1827 Rifles sword with 1891 pattern blade
Nationality British
Period c 1890s
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This has the relatively rare scabbard for staff officers and adjutants. The hilt is a standard Rifles hilt and has 'C.F.S.' engraved on the inner side of the guard. 'RIFLES' is engraved on the blade opposite the VR monogram. Unless I come up with some research on CFS, it could be either Rifles Volunteers, KRRC or Rifle Brigade.

The 1891 blade was introduced to enable infantry officers to have something stouter and more dependable than the previous 1845 pattern blade, which, with its slight curve, was really neither good for thrusting nor sufficiently curved for a good cut. Throughout the 19th century, British officers were famous for experimenting with various blades on the standard infantry hilt to get round the rather ineffective pattern blades of the period. Perhaps the most terrifying blades are the Indian tulwar type mounted on British hilts, which must have given the odd Afghan dervish food for thought on close encounter!

Its condition is a bit scruffy: there is some pickling to the scabbard mounts (especially the bottom one where the seam has also opened up somewhat), to the plating on the inner side of the guard and some bubbling to the face of the guard. I would stress, however, that this is quite a rare sword, if only on account of the scabbard. It has all its silver wire grip service and there is one small patch of fishskin worn away at the top of the grip.

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Bayonet arrived safely today. Thanks very much indeed, I'm very pleased with it.

N M, UK, 30.12.2009

Medal received. The quality is as described (or better).

R D, UK, 11.08.2006