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Title .41 centrefire Colt New Line pocket pistol
Nationality American
Period c 1874-80

This weapon came off Firearms Certificate (FAC) requirement in 2014. Only a limited number of these were made, as Colt gave up making them due to the serious competition from much cheaper look-alikes. It has London proof marks on the chamber, indicating that it was sold through Colt's London agency at Pall Mall.

This would have been a perfect gentleman's weapon for the rather rough and tumble life of London in the last quarter of the 19th century. In the US, these weapons had a rather different clientele - eg as a cowboy back-up weapon or river boat gambler's pistol, packing a fairly hefty punch in .41 short Colt black powder cartridge.
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'PAT.SEPT.13.1874' with the serial number '10050' is punched on the underside of the barrel. On the side of the frame, under the cylinder, it is marked '41CAL' with the capital letter 'C'. On the top of the barrel, Colt's Patent Manufactury, Hertford, Connecticut, USA is impressed in shortened form.

It is a single action weapon with a stub trigger and the barrel length is just over two inches. It has a rosewood grip, which has a small chip to one side but all its original varnish. There are patches of old rust throughout, but it has perhaps 80% of its original finish and is in good working order. The bore is excellent.

NB: This is sold as a Section 58/2 firearm. Therefore, if the purchaser does not intend to use it, I will require a signature to that effect; otherwise it should be placed on his firearms certificate (of which I would need to see a copy). This is according to the latest ruling from the Home Office on Section 58/2 weapons.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Just picked up the bayonet,

I'm very pleased with it.

P E, UK, 11.10.2012

I received the bayonet today. Very nice example. I will keep an eye on your site for possible future purchases.

D E, USA, 23.11.2005