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Title 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, 1871 pattern OR's helmet plate
Nationality British
Period c 1871-1922

This regiment has an ancient lineage, being raised in 1685 as the 6th Horse, changing in 1690 to the 5th Horse, in 1746 to the 1st Irish Horse, and in 1788 to the present title. In 1922, it amalgamated with the 7th Dragoon Guards.

This was worn on the metal helmet with a horse hair plume, which, in 1871, replaced the 1848 pattern halberd helmet as a simplified version of the latter.

This helmet plate is in excellent condition, apart from a few scratches to the black field behind the number. It has one of its original nuts and washers on the reverse. All the threads on the posts are hand cut, as one would expect for a piece of this date.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Buckles have arrived. They are very beautiful! I'm glad and satisfied. Thank you for your quick and accurate business and all the best for the future.

C K, Finland, 07.05.2014

Swords mattered [arrived?]. I am very content. You still have which good swords for the sale?

H K, Germany, 17.10.2005