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Title Allgemeine SS other ranks buckle
Nationality German
Period c 1933-6

Good example of Overhoff & Co marked piece. This design dates from c 1927 and was continued in the 1936 marked aluminium buckle and, indeed, the later steel versions. This particular buckle, made of solid nickel silver, cannot be any later than 1936 manufacture on account of the introduction of the RZM marking, which starts in 1936.

Note the brazing on the base of the goal posts has a nice yellow colour, indicating hand finished, traditional brazing. The otherwise excellent copies of these buckles have a major give-away, namely that the goal posts are silver soldered to the frame of the buckle and can thus be easily distinguished from the originals.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Belt Buckles : Third Reich : SS Police Fire]


I just got my Tiroler shooting badge in the mail today and it looks great, thank you.

K O, USA, 02.04.2015

Swords mattered [arrived?]. I am very content. You still have which good swords for the sale?

H K, Germany, 17.10.2005