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Title Austrian magazine pouch with magazines for MP38/40
Nationality German
Period 1942

This is the Austrian conversion magazine pouch for the Schmeisser sub-machine gun, technically the Machine Pistol 38/40. The pouch was probably originally built in the 1930s for the MP34(0), the Austrian Steier sub-machine gun of that time, and is marked on the reverse with the maker Stolla Wien (Stolla of Vienna).

There are no German army inspection stamps whatsoever on the leatherwork of the pouch; however, there are some faded Austrian marks inside the throat of the pouch.

The magazines are code stamped (on the back of the magazine housing) 'bte' for Frank'sche Eisenwerke AG Adolfschutte Niederscheld/Dillkreis, listed in the code book as 'reportedly a manufacturer of small arms magazines, but on doubtful authority' - so here we have proof that they were indeed small arms magazine makers. They are also dated 1942 and have Waffen Amt inspection stamps.

There are two dummy rounds of Nato 9mm ammunition in the photographs, but these are not for sale, but simply for demonstration purposes.

The condition is excellent, with most of the original blueing to the magazines intact and some finger staining here and there. They still have their original sweet smelling Wehrmacht rifle grease. There is one small edge crack (9cm long) to the face of one of the magazines. The leatherwork is in good shape, with a little contemporary repair to the bottom right hand corner of one pouch.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Hi Chris, just to let you know it arrived safely and I am very happy with it, also the condition. I have been looking for a while for that particular style and maker.. Thanks again for everything and I shall now be keeping an eye on your web page.

C A, UK, 28.09.2010

Got the sword today and I'm very happy with it.

P J, UK, 12.02.2010