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Title Bayonet for Mauser rifle, model 1909
Nationality Argentinian
Period c 1909-14
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This is a typical Solingen export product from the massive armaments export industry that Germany enjoyed in the 20 years prior to WW1. It still has its Argentinian coat of arms at the base of the blade; many surviving examples lack this, having had it ground off.

The grip on this is wood and the bayonet slot is the T/O variety, as opposed to the plain T version on the earlier models. This was introduced to fit the end of the steel ramrod into the bayonet hilt, as found on G98 service Mausers used by the German army.

The blade is a little scruffy down towards the end. The scabbard has a parkerised finish, with a few minor dents and some minor patination here and there. There are oil stains to the wood grips, and the ironwork of the hilt is still bright. There are mismatching numbers on scabbard and hilt, as is commonly found on these bayonets.

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Many many many thanks about [for] your dagger! Very fine quality! I love it!

A P, Russia, 07.04.2009

Just received the buckle, it's very nice!

R P, Italy, 27.10.2006