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Title Briquet of the Consular Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte
Nationality French
Period c 1799-1804
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These weapons were ordered on 28 November 1799, after the coup of Brumaire when Napoleon came to power as First Consul. On his coronation in 1804, a new pattern came into service, with a fully rounded knuckle bow and, in most cases, a slightly longer blade. This should not be confused with the later Imperial model (see below).

This particular model, though not marked as such, would have been made at Versailles and, according to Aries's Armes Blanches Militaires Francaises series, this weapon was unique to the Grenadiers of the Consular Guard. The later models would have been produced in their thousands and were also worn by the foot artilley of the Imperial Guard.

The Grenadier battalion of Napoleon's Consular Guard was 800 strong and fought with great distinction at Marengo on 14 June 1800, where they laid the foundation of their future glory as the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard.

The blade is nearly 60cm long and has been quite heavily cleaned over time. The brass grip has its original leather binding and brass wiring. However, the cord underlay is coming through the leather at various points, but, considering the age, this is not surprising. The tang is nicely patinated to a dark grey. I have deliberately left the brass unpolished, as I find it photographs better that way.

There is no Versailles arsenal stamp on the guard, as one might normally expect to find on these pieces, hence the price. However, it is certainly a period example.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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M H, UK, 20.02.2008

Thank you for the receipt. It wasn't necessary so soon. I was happy to get it when we meet. You have a most excellent reputation and I trust you. It is a pleasure to do business with you and hope to do more.

A T, UK, 08.06.2006