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Title Bronze uniface medal
Nationality Austrian
Period c 1900
Price £45.00

This medal (4cm) commemorates Baron Trenk (mid-18th century), who commanded the Pandurs in the time of Empress Maria Theresa in all the wars against Frederick the Great. Trenk was eventually dismissed by her on suspicion of having taken a massive bribe from Frederick to release him when Trenk had effectively captured him.

Trenk was the originator of the Austrian Light Infantry/Riflemen as he raised his men from the frontier regions of the Empire, notably the Banat regions in Lower Hungary, and in Croatia, where these men would have been familiar with the use of the Turkish rifle, which, of course, was much more accurate than the Austrian service musket of the period. The Pandurs had an evil reputation among friend and foe for being a bunch of banditi. However, they proved very effective as scout units in all the fighting against Prussia.

This medal was perhaps produced on some sort of anniversary connected with his life.

Its condition is VF and it is signed 'SPIEGLER'.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The dirk arrived this morning and I could not be happier with it! Excellent little piece, most unusual... I look forward to doing more business with you, as finance permits; rest assured you will be highly recommended to my collecting colleagues.

C C, Australia, 15.04.2009

I received the silver Verdienstkreuz this morning. Your swiftness and dedication was very much appreciated and, though the envelope arrived with a Post Office sticker saying it had been found open or damaged, the cross was unharmed and looks beautiful. Thanks for your time.

E C, UK, 18.10.2005