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Title Brown Bess bayonet for EIC musket
Nationality British
Period c 1810
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is the standard bayonet for the East India Company (EIC) pattern Brown Bess of Waterloo fame, with a 15 & 7/8" blade. These muskets were initially rejected by the Board of Ordnance as being of inferior quality and were then hurriedly accepted into service on Napoleon's seizure of power in the spring of 1815.

Osborne & Gunby (amalgamated in 1807) were Birmingham sword cutlers and contractors to the Board of Ordnance.

English bayonets are always noticeable by their lack of a locking ring. Most Continental examples from this period onwards have a locking ring, whereas the first British locking ring appears on the 1853 Enfield musket.

There is some pitting to the flat face of the piece and evidence of some heavy wear at the point, where it may have been shortened. Generally, however, it is in good shape.

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Thank you for a such a smooth transaction, I'll be sure to visit your site on a regular basis.

L M, Channel Islands, 14.02.2009

Hello Chris, just to let you know that I received the parcel, very pleased with it.

C T, UK, 08.03.2006