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Title Model cannon by Marklin
Nationality German
Period c 1916-18
Price £500.00

This fine model of a German field gun comes complete with a small black powder cartridge with a recess for a primer in its base to enable it to be used as a signalling gun or a rather posh toy.

There is a mark on the breech consisting of C/M monogram in a shield. I have now been informed that this mark is for Marklin and that the gun is the largest of the model cannon made by that company. Apparently, there are other versions of this, but not all have the plates on the wheels. This last detail suggests WWI vintage, following the pattern of the larger pieces in the field.

It has fully operative elevating gear and the trigger mechanism operates by pulling a cord on a lever attached to the breech.

Its dimensions are as follows: 18" overall length; just over 4" wheel diameter; 5.75" width of shield; 8" barrel length.

The barrel is bronze and the rest is mostly iron or mild steel. The elevating gear would appear to be white metal or nickel. The paintwork for the shield and the trail is battleship grey with black paint on the footpads of the wheels. All this paintwork would appear to be period. The lid for the tool compartment on the trail is missing, but the hinge is still in place. The bore is about .47 calibre.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The package arrived today, and the two items are nice. The Mother Cross actually looks a lot better in person than in the pics.

K P, Spain, 20.06.2017

The police cutlass exceeded my expectations, it arrived earlier than expected. Thank you very much from a very satisfied customer who will no doubt return.

J K, UK, 26.11.2013