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Title Cavalry trooper's sabre, model 1853
Nationality British
Period c 1854
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This sabre was made in Belgium for the British Army during the Crimean War when the War Office was in a panic on account of the paucity of sabres. The forte of the blade is stamped with a crown above the letter 'L' and the number '14', this being the inspection stamp for the Liege office of the British Army inspection team.

This sword was not a success as a weapon, but went on to have an extended life, witness the engraving at the top of the scabbard, 'EKMR' for East Kent Mounted Rifles, along with 'D42', the squadron designation and weapon number. The reason for its lack of success was that in a wet or bloody hand the grip would twist and the trooper would lose control, being unable to deliver an effective cut. There are photographs showing this weapon in use with the Royal Horse Artillery as late as the 1890s. In spite of its lack of practicality, it was quite a stylish design and not altogether unpopular on account of this. There are no slides to the scabbard, as they have rotted away.

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Sword arrived today. Fabulous. This is an excellent example of a fighting sword of its period, and a real gem. The 1828 Pattern is such a gorgeous sword, and this is a fine example. Even my bride is impressed and she doesn’t really get swords.

G F, New Zealand, 06.11.2013

I am more and more pleased with the sword, and am wondering whether to do an article on it...

M M, UK, 04.11.2005