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Title Cavalry walking out sword
Nationality British
Period c 1790
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This sword has a scaled down version of the Birmingham made heavy cavalry blades of the mid-18th century, typically found on Harvey backswords. Walking out swords were carried instead of a smallsword for civilian and dismounted duties. They were not normally carried on the battlefield, where typically a heavy backsword would be used.

The grip is ebony, the hilt is polished iron and the blade is 32.5".

This sword has suffered severe damage to the ebony grip at the pommel. Moreover, it had to be dismantled to sort out various anomalies, and the pommel button was replaced. I have the original, for interest's sake, of which my restorer made an excellent copy, introducing a screw thread to the end of the tang, whereas in the original the tang was simply peened over the pommel button. This restoration is reflected in the price of the piece.

These are quite rare swords and the blade is a particularly fine one, despite some quite deep old pitting holes scattered throughout the length.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Just to let you know, the knot has arrived and is an awesome piece. It will make a great addition to the collection.

S V, USA, 05.08.2014

Delighted, absolutely delighted! Thank you very much.

W B, UK, 06.10.2011