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Title Double-barrelled overcoat pistol, .44 Russian calibre
Nationality Spanish
Period c 1880

The barrel has a silver inlaid inscription: 'FA. DE MARTIN A BASCARAN EIBAR', togther with some arabesque flourishes at the base of the breech, which is of the trap door variety. This type of pistol was carried by civilians for personal defence. Eibar is in the foothills of the Pyrenees, north-east of Barcelona.

This weapon was almost certainly chambered for the .44 Smith & Wesson Russian calibre, considerably shorter than .44 Special, which, in any case, is too long to enter the breech. This calibre is on the Home Office obsolete list.

It has a 15.5cm octagonal barrel, made in one piece in double-barrelled format. The bore is rifled, if a little worn inside, but with no areas of deep pitting.

The frame, trigger guard and hammers were originally nickel plated, but this has largely disappeared, except, paradoxically, on the breech block. The action of the right hand hammer is a bit sticky, indicating worn bents on the hammer or a worn sear or both.

The butt appears to be walnut, possibly ebonised walnut stained black to look like ebony. The chequering is somewhat worn and the weapon has obviously had a rigorous service life!

This is definitely sold for decoration only, as are all my obsolete weapons - in other words, you shoot this at your peril!

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Hi Chris, kukris received, love them, many thanks

S H, UK, 17.08.2015

The bayonet is a splendid addition to my collection...

C T, UK, 03.12.2008