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Title Dragoon sword, 1840 model
Nationality American
Period c 1840-60
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This is the renowned 'old wristbreaker' used in the Mexican War and the early stages of the Civil War, by both sides in the latter. From this 1840 model, the 1860 one evolved, a much lighter weapon whose forte was only 1" wide as against 1.30" on the 1840 model. The 1822 model French light dragoon sabre was the pattern 's ancestor.

This example has a 35.75" blade with 95% plus factory polish, original leather bound grip and brass wiring (varnished). There is no maker's mark, merely the number 80 stamped on the inside knucklebow by the pommel, together with a capital M stamped on the base of the drag. The scabbard throat appears to be a friction fit or possibly brazed in place. A well executed brazing seam lies along the inside leading edge of the scabbard. The carrying rings are massive, far larger than anything on contemporary European examples. The blade has its original leather seating at the forte.

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It arrived today in good order, thanks!

A very nice artifact in excellent condition for it's age.

I greatly appreciate all your efforts.

J C, Canada, 02.08.2014

Swords mattered [arrived?]. I am very content. You still have which good swords for the sale?

H K, Germany, 17.10.2005