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Title Fallschirmjaeger album
Nationality German
Period c 1940s

This collection of approximately 56 para-related photographs includes two Knights Cross winners, ten good shots of operations in Crete, shots of the FG42, special short-barrelled mortar, Einstoss Flammenwerfer, as well as shots of Russia, transport planes and one of senior officers in Normandy.

The photos (each measuring 7 x 9cm) have almost certainly been transposed into this album, which, with its annotations, I suspect started life as a Kriegsmarine album, with references to Kiel and Lubeck etc. However, the quality and the authenticity of the photos shines out. There is even a splendid photo of a crated-up old master painting being opened for, I suspect, inspection by Hermann Goering, that great Luftwaffe art lover and Field Marshall!

I have shown here most of the Luftwaffe/para-related photos. There are also two photos of Adolf Hitler.

Some of the tissue separators have been torn or are missing and the album itself is leatherette, slightly damaged at the front top. The Luftwaffe ealge on the cover would appear to have been chromed and there are a couple of sligtly salacious pictures at the back (presumably of his girlfriend). The condition of the photos is generally good, with a little overall foxing to some of them.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Sword arrived today. Fabulous. This is an excellent example of a fighting sword of its period, and a real gem. The 1828 Pattern is such a gorgeous sword, and this is a fine example. Even my bride is impressed and she doesn’t really get swords.

G F, New Zealand, 06.11.2013

...acquiring this bayonet has completely changed my way of thinking on collecting bayonets. I have become extremely fond of the bayonet... Thanking you once again for the very professional way in which you handled the money [going to the wrong account] problem.

P J, South Africa, 04.02.2006