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Title German Labour Front lapel pin (DAF)
Nationality German
Period 1936-45
Price £15.00

This lapel pin, marked 'RZM' on the reverse, would have been worn by the members of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront from 1936 onwards when the RZM stamp came into use. When Adolf Hitler gained power in 1933, the DAF replaced all the old, largely socialist or communist labour unions of Weimar Germany.

It would appear to be made of tombak (a copper alloy) with an EPNS finish. The pin has been doubled back on itself, but, apart from this, is in excellent shape.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The bayonet is a splendid addition to my collection...

C T, UK, 03.12.2008

Excellent information, Chris, you've been making a big effort! I will spell it out more closely (I'm a historian!) and don't think Bezdek can add much more.

A C, Belgium, 26.06.2005