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Title Gurkha kukri, Royal Nepalese Army
Nationality Nepalese
Period c 1914

This is a Nepalese army issue kukri with the brass crescent moon inlaid into the blade. A letter from the Gurkha Museum in Winchester accompanies this item, describing it as a Royal Nepalese Army piece used in WW1. The Nepalese contingent was used on the NW Frontier, releasing imperial troops for service in France and elsewhere.

It is a classically made local piece with a pronounced wide fuller extending three-quarters of the blade length. The blade is 12.75" long measured directly from the point to the base of the back of the blade. There is a serial number (4034) stamped on one side of the forte.

The frog is a modern replacement in brown calf leather. The scabbard leather is clearly original, of a somewhat mottled black-brown finish. There is some evidence of old worm damage at the top of the scabbard. Also, the resin filler in the hilt has worked a little loose, so the blade rattles slightly in the hilt.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Package arrived 12.30 today safe and sound. Honest piece as you described so all good.

C W, UK, 07.10.2014

Bayonet arrived today, very quick, and very pleased.

P H, UK, 13.11.2010