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Title Gurkha private-purchase kukri
Nationality Nepalese
Period 1900-14

This is a nice example of a privately made pre-WW1 kukri. This is mounted in a military style frog, with a single small sharpening steel (the by-knife is missing), thus one can presume that it saw some military service at some point. This is a fairly typical example of a local kukri of this era as used by Gurkha troops in WW1.

The blade is 13" long measured directly from the point to the base of the back of the blade. It is clearly a local hand-forged variety as opposed to one of the Birmingham products of the mid-war years.

There is an old wood split to the grip. There is damage to the end of the scabbard, where the leather has worn away. There is further damage to the top of the scabbard, which is covered when the frog is pulled up parallel with the top of the throat. Otherwise, the leather, though dry, is sound throughout. There is a small drop of paint (or something) on the bottom of the scabbard near the point.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Buckles have arrived. They are very beautiful! I'm glad and satisfied. Thank you for your quick and accurate business and all the best for the future.

C K, Finland, 07.05.2014

The belt buckle arrived this morning. I'm delighted with it. I've been after one for years.

H S, UK, 11.02.2014