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Title Hanger with klewang blade
Nationality Dutch
Period c 1895

This is a European copy of the klewang, a native weapon carried in the East Indies, which was largely under Dutch control from the late 16th century. Hembrug, a Dutch arsenal, is stamped on the forte of the blade and there is a cypher on the crossguard and forte, looking like a B under a crown. There is also a mark on the scabbard throat.

This was apparently issued from 1895 to the Dutch marines for service in the East Indies. This could explain the B/crown stamp, possibly for Batavia, the historic name for the Dutch East Indies. The scabbards were normally leather with iron mounts, but this may have been an experimental variant or some such.

The blade is 36cm long and has most its original blue finish, with some wear marks where the scabbard springs have polished some of this off on both sides. A supremely practical weapon/tool, but the weapon factor is emphasised by the presence of a crossguard, something you never find on a simple machete.

The grips would appear to be made of stained beech wood with three brass rivets holding each plate in place. There is some old damage to the back of the grip from the hilt of the weapon being used as a hammer. The iron scabbard has a thick lacquer/enamel finish.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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[From a vendor, rather than a buyer]

I'm delighted that you are happy with the badge and I hope you can sell it to someone who will value owning it.

I tried to sell it on eBay but they won't accept Nazi items. I then contacted several dealers via a Google search who mostly offered me 40-50 after some haggling. Most of the other dealers tried to conceal its true value in their replies and also lacked manners which doesn't inspire confidence.

Ultimately it's about trust. I should think that most prospective sellers have done their own research and therefore know roughly what their item is worth. You were the only dealer who had the integrity to concede that my valuation was approximately correct and I respect your comment that you can't offer this as you need to make a profit. Your honest approach is greatly appreciated and I felt comfortable taking the risk in sending it to you.

Thank you for a smooth transaction

C D, UK, 01.07.2015

The belt buckle arrived by today's post. I am absolutely delighted with it and with your prompt and courteous service.

G S, UK, 29.06.2010