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Title Cavalry officer's sword, 1887 pattern
Nationality British
Period 1907
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This sword was sold by Wilkinson in 1907 to H W Carson of the Royal Army Medical Corps. This much-decorated officer died in 1918 in Palestine and the sword was subsequently refurbished and given a different set of initials: A.H.S.W. for Arnold Horace Santo Waters, who was a VC winner of the Royal Engineers in November 1918.

I have checked very carefully through army lists of the 1920s and the only officer with this set of initials is this VC winner, so, although the pattern sword is not that of the RE, I can only assume that he was either given this sword or bought it for himself. His VC was gazetted 4/11/18 for bridge-building under heavy fire on the Oise/Sanbre canal at Ors near La Cateau. This was, I think, the last VC of the war, in France at any rate. His VC group is in the RE museum at Chatham.

Carson (whose initials do not appear on the sword and who was an Ulsterman from Larne) himself also had a distinguished career, winning the DSO in Palestine.

The number on the back of the blade is 41475.

There is some rust under the white leather washer, otherwise the EPNS finish is in good order throughout. The blade has lost all its original finish, but is still in good order. It is a nice example, albeit refurbished, of a Wilkinson patent tang hilt.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Just picked up the bayonet,

I'm very pleased with it.

P E, UK, 11.10.2012

Fantastic purchase, all badges genuine as described, a pleasure to do business!

J N, UK, 10.02.2007