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Title Heavy cavalry sabre, 1822 model
Nationality French
Period c 1822
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This replaced the line model of 1816 - a superb weapon, with better balance than its predecessor and a lightly curved blade, taken directly from the pattern of the Grenadier a Cheval of the First Empire. It is distinguished from the light cavalry version by having a quadruple bar hilt as opposed to the triple bar of the light cavalry.

This sabre was also carried by the Cuirassiers de la Garde du Roi, the Cuirassiers of the 2nd Imperial Guard, the Chasseurs d'Afrique, the Lancers and, finally, the Garde Republicaine a Cheval de Paris for present-day ceremonial occasions.

This example was manufactured by the famous Coulaux family of Klingenthal in Alsace, and is marked as such on the back of the blade. There are also French inspectors' poincons at the base of the blade (97cm), one being that of F.J. Bish, who retired in 1822, thus dating the sword. The date of the manufacture would appear to have been erased, but the blade is in superb shape, with much of its original polish.

The scabbard is also in excellent condition. Unlike World Wide Arms copies, this has a brazing seam running the entire length of the front edge of the scabbard, a true mark of the genuine article in all 19th-century European swords. This always distinguishes them from copies, be they Russian or Indian, the latter being made from rolled and pressed steel tube.

The platform of the guard has been bent somewhat towards the blade from an originally fairly flat position. The scabbard has some very minor surface rust at its base, near the drag and on the back of the middle band. There are some minor leather pieces missing under the pommel and at the back of the hilt just under the end of the pommel hood.

See Christian Aries' excellent volumes on French military swords for historical information.

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