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Title Heavy cavalry sword, model 1822
Nationality French
Period c 1822-70
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Issued to cuirassiers of the Garde du Roi and later to those of the Garde Imperiale, this replaced the model 1816. In 1872, the scabbard was modified to have only one ring, still carried today by the Garde Republicaine. This model, the generic issue for the whole of the heavy cavalry, was later issued to the Chasseurs d'Afrique and the Lanciers.

It is hard to believe that the bulk of the cuirassiers went on carrying anything other than the model 1816 with its proven straight blade. My thoughts on this are borne out by the use of the model 1816 in the Prussian cuirassiers after the victory over France in 1871, when quantities of these would have been acquired as booty items by the Prussians. The inspiration for the blade was found in the sword of the Grenadier a Cheval of the Imperial Guard, 1802-15.

The condition is excellent. However, the knuckle bow of the guard has been buckled and the rear plafond has been bent at a 90 degree angle parallel with the blade (very possibly on purpose by its owner, since another one has been seen in the same state). The inscription on the back of the blade has been polished off, with only slight remnants being visible. There are French inspector's marks at the forte on the knuckle bow and on the throat of the scabbard. There is a minor patch of damage to the leather grip, which retains all its original fabric and wiring.

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Just picked up the bayonet,

I'm very pleased with it.

P E, UK, 11.10.2012

I am more and more pleased with the sword, and am wondering whether to do an article on it...

M M, UK, 04.11.2005