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Title Infantry officer's sword, 1822 pattern, staff scabbard
Nationality British
Period 1881-1902
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This late Victorian staff sword was made by Septimus John Pillin of 31 Gerrard St. Soho, London (engraved at the forte). This would have been worn by staff officers (major and up). The unusual feature here is the unfullered flat blade and the gilding metal hilt. Earlier hilts tend to be of brass and also have folding inner guards.

The blade has virtually all its original factory finish and is 32.75" long. The scabbard, like the blade, is in near pristine condition, with its original leather liner. However, it has one small dent to the upper portion and some service wear to the drag at the bottom. The hilt would originally have had a gilt finish, but this has now gone, leaving only faint traces. The blade has its original buff leather washer. There is some minor finger print marking to the finish overall, but generally it's still in excellent shape. The original sword knot now accompanies this----it needed careful cleaning to be presentable. I have replaced the missing hook/eye fastener on the knot with a small brass safety pin.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The bayonet have reached me. I am very pleased

T D, Norway, 12.10.2016

Thank you very much for sending the order through so quickly.

S H, UK, 05.02.2009