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Title KNIL service revolver (Vickers), model 1891
Nationality Dutch
Period c 1920

This is a nice example of a Schmidt-Galand 9.4 mm centre-fire double-action revolver. It was unique to the Dutch colonial army (KNIL = Royal Netherlands East Indies Army) and was carried by officers and police personnel. This was made by Vickers under a Dutch ordnance contract for about 5,000 guns in the early 1920s.

It has Birmingham proof marks (including nitro proof marks) stamped halfway down one barrel flat and also on the rear face of the cylinder. It has virtually all its original factory finish, with light scattered pitting throughout the weapon. The barrel is just over 11 cm and the foresight is of the integral, non-movable variety. The action is in good order and the bore is excellent. The grips are almost certainly walnut, but in any case fruit wood of some sort, with a little wear at the base, along with a small hole on one side. The lanyard ring and swivel are missing. The cylinder access retaining screw has had some burring through screwdriver misuse or some such.

NB: This is sold as a Section 58/2 firearm. Therefore, if the purchaser does not intend to use it, I will require a signature to that effect; otherwise it should be placed on his firearms certificate (of which I would need to see a copy). This is according to the latest ruling from the Home Office on Section 58/2 weapons.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I received the item today, you had packed it well and there were no problems with customs. Overall I was happy with it although the blade was a little bit worse than I had imagined, however thank you for your efforts.

P P, Australia, 09.03.2011

...what you delivered exceeded expectations, both in terms of quality (item vs. price) & excellence of service. A pleasure to do business with. Rest assured, when the 'bayonet bug' bites, 'Antique-Militaria' will always be paid a visit.

N L, UK, 29.06.2010