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Title KuK cavalry officer's sword, 1845 model
Nationality Austrian
Period c 1845-50
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With certain changes of blade style and minor alterations to the hilt, this type of sabre was carried by KuK cavalry and artillery units right up to 1918. From about 1860 all the elements (blade, scabbard and hilt) tended to have an EPNS finish.

It was a direct copy of the 1821 model British Heavy Cavalry officer's sword, right down to the position of the sword knot slot next to the pommel. The next model in 1850 moved this to the rear of the guard, between the quillon and the grip ferrule. The British called this the 'honeysuckle hilt' on account of the openwork floral design. The blade is 2.9 cm wide at the forte.

Many early KuK officer sabres have leather grips (as does this), gradually changing over to grey sharkskin as the 19th century wore on. The blade is engraved with conventional floral engraving and the odd military trophy, with brightwork over all and is a pipeback example - more British influence! This measures 86cm (33.75"). There is no maker/retailer mark.

Its condition is excellent throughout, though the guard has clearly had a good hand polish at some stage and the scabbard may have been buffed. There is a small opening in the leatherwork at the top of the grip on the outside. All the original wire is in place and the leather grip is most certainly the original.

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Hi arrived safely packaged well very pleased with it will look great on my relic lebel when finished thank you

M B, UK, 24.05.2016

Just a brief note to confirm that the sabre has been delivered today. All is as it should be. I have to say I’m impressed with the ‘custom’ packaging, obviously essential in your line of business. I have made a very quick inspection of the sword & it fully lives up to your accurate description, very pleased with the purchase.

M B, UK, 18.06.2015