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Title Last model KuK dragoon officer's helmet
Nationality Austrian
Period c 1910

This, perhaps one of the most handsome of all the late period Austrian helmets, is essentially in good shape. However, some of the paintwork has been retouched and the silk lining is missing. The eagle helmet plate has been replaced with a 1st Uhlan officer's plate. The original would have had the full Hapsburg coat of arms on the eagle's chest.

The helmet plate on this piece is actually worth more than the correct one, so whoever buys this and can find the right one is going to be ahead of the game! The last comparable example I had through my hands, I sold for 1,500 (about seven years ago). Admittedly it had its original case!

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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...what you delivered exceeded expectations, both in terms of quality (item vs. price) & excellence of service. A pleasure to do business with. Rest assured, when the 'bayonet bug' bites, 'Antique-Militaria' will always be paid a visit.

N L, UK, 29.06.2010

I received the helmet plate yesterday, very pleased. Thank you.

R C, Ireland, 29.01.2008