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Title Letter from Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Nationality German
Period 1940
Price £200.00

This is a rare surviving letter in German from Gustav Salek, possibly a Czech political prisoner, in Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It is dated 21 April 1940 and I have translated it below - please excuse any mistakes, as German is not my mother tongue.

My Anina and Teasla!

I received your letters of 3rd and 16th April. I am pleased to hear that the pensions affair has been favourably settled. At present the Sudeten transfer stays open, and this is now imminent.

Time runs on so quickly, but the thing always stays unsuccessful. Times are now so strange, which is what makes me so anxious. Should things continue further like this, and for the future, nothing coming to any conclusion, then I see no hoping for further opportunities.

What really concerns me is being healthy and happy, and that your health also keeps up. I think only of you! I am really so proud of your behaviour and industriousness and this has caused me indescribable joy. Thank you for your lines, but you still have miserable handwriting. You can borrow my raincoat, but don't ruin it, Anina! What have you got new for spring and summer? Are you still writing to Mr Jecos? Parcels from outside are forbidden. I still have not received the money you sent me.

I have become friends with Kenntnis, so that his brother George, who should arrive in three weeks' time, will have some people here to meet him. At the end I wish my Anina a beautiful mother's day, full of wealth and health for you all. My best regards to uncle in Prague!

Hugs and kisses

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Hi arrived safely packaged well very pleased with it will look great on my relic lebel when finished thank you

M B, UK, 24.05.2016

Just a quick line to advise that the badges have arrived in good condition and I am very pleased with them.

Thanks again for your prompt and kind attention.

P M, Australia, 03.10.2012