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Title Light Cavalry officer's sabre, 1796 pattern
Nationality British
Period c 1796-1815
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This classic Light Cavalry sabre of the British army in the Napoleonic period has a plain fighting blade (in superb condition), as opposed to the more usual engraved or blued and gilt blade, giving it a rarity value of about one in ten. The owner's initials (DJ) appear on the reverse langet and on the back of the scabbard at the throat.

There is no maker's name. The blade is 33 inches (83.5 cm) long and has its original leather washer at the hilt. The grip has its original grip wire, which would appear to be silver-plated copper in three strands. It has some 40 odd old worm holes - the worm has been killed and most of them appear to have been filed. Despite this, the grip is in no way spongy. The top bracelet of the scabbard has been broken at the ring and an old lead solder repair effected. The split rings are both original, though one is somewhat more patinated than the other. These, together with the wire binding of the hilt and the generally lighter construction of the guard, effectively prove that it is an officer's sword. The scabbard has minor dents here and there, but is essentially intact, with a brazing seam running from top to bottom and the orginal screws holding the throat in place. It has its original wood liners.

The blade is really magnificent and my photos fail to do it justice. It has most of its original polish mixed in with a few old age finger stains. Indeed it looks so good that it may never have been used in action - it certainly doesn't appear to have been sharpened, nor are there any nicks. Perhaps it was carried by a yeomanry officer who saw no active service.

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Just to let you know that the kokarde [cockade] arrived today. Looks great. Definitely original.

S S, Australia, 16.08.2012

Received the Party eagle badge this morning (Saturday)... thanks very much for the speedy service.

P J, UK, 02.07.2005