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Title Manchester-type tipstaff
Nationality English
Period c 1820-30
Price £300.00

Although it does not carry the Manchester coat of arms, this boxwood tipstaff is almost certainly from the city or area. Because it has GR IV on one side, it can be firmly dated to George IV's reign. It would have been carried by a commissioned police officer in order to identify himself in pursuit of his duties.

In case it's not visible in the photos, the royal cypher is painted on one side and the royal crown on the other, both on a dark teal blue ground. It is just over 12" long.

There is some damage to the barrel turning on the body and there are some old nail marks on the grip; clearly it had extensive use in its life. However, the paint work is the best I have seen on one of these tipstaves. It would also appear to have most, if not all its original varnish.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I picked up the No5 this morning and I'm well pleased with it.

Thanks very much for a great deal hope to trade again in the future.

A M, UK, 06.07.2013

The painting of Alexander Pock is restored and meanwhile at his new owner, who is very content.

Thank you for your assistance to get it to Germany.

U S, Germany, 27.12.2012