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Title Mauser 98 NCO bayonet, with an ORs troddel
Nationality German
Period 1907
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is the second pattern (two-piece grips) of Gewehr 98 NCO bayonet, with saw-back blade. It is ordnance marked 'W under a crown/07' on the back of the blade and stamped 'Simson & Co. Suhl' on the forte. The quillon is stamped '157.R.1.4.' for the 157 Prussian Line Regiment (1st company, weapon number 4).

This unit fought, as part of the 12th Division, in the Battle of the Frontiers in 1914 and later, after transferring to the 117th Division in April 1915, in Flanders and the Somme at Pozieres July/August 1916. Perhaps this was captured then? It then transferred to the Eastern Front at Bukovina as part of the Austrian 3rd Army, serving in the Romanian campaign, Italy, Lorraine (1918), Somme and Argonne front, encountering the US troops at Avocourt. Quite an international record for a WW1 German infantry unit!

There are some minor traces of old pitting at the tip of the blade, together with a little age staining overall. The edge has been sharpened for field service. All the appropriate ordnance marks are still clear, even on the throat and both top and bottom chapes. The scabbard seam is intact, but there would appear to be a little obstruction in the bottom chape (mud perhaps?), which prevents the blade being driven home by some 1/4". The frog has an old stitch repair at the top of the slot and the leather is brown with a suede finish to the belt strap,typical of early war usage. There is a rather scruffy 4th company troddel, the strap being severely frayed in several places, the whole being somewhat age soiled.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Package arrived 12.30 today safe and sound. Honest piece as you described so all good.

C W, UK, 07.10.2014

Thank you, Chris. All arrived safely. Very quickly too, much quicker than from the US! Very satisfied. It is a nice sword.

Anyway, thanks again and I have marked your site for future interest.

T P, New Zealand, 04.04.2005