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Title Mauser bayonet, model 1871
Nationality German
Period c 1871-85
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is a standard model for the 1871 Mauser bolt action and also fitted the tube magazine version of this rifle, brought out in 1884. It is maker marked Weyersberg & Kirschbaum, half polished out.

The scabbard markings are a mismatch for the hilt, but this is fairly common with these weapons. The grip is brass, as are the mounts. The date and imperial cypher have been polished out at the base of the blade.

The condition is a little sub-standard, inasmuch as the quillons are somewhat bent at the muzzle ring and the scabbard seam is only just intact. However, this is an increasingly hard-to-find bayonet.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The day the blunderbuss arrives I could not stop looking and feeling the gun for at least one hour. My wife told me that I was sick........ I am very happy, it is a piece of craftsmanship! Well made! I have 5 blunderbusses but all iron barrel, also from England but this one is gorgeous with the Brass Barrel.

Please keep me informed when you have any other type of blunderbuss. Thanks my friend!

M R, USA, 04.08.2011

I should have written sooner, but I did want to let you know that the photos arrived safely and are absolutely fabulous. I could not be happier with them.

Thanks for the excellent service and great photos. I hope we have occasion to do business together again.

J B, USA, 18.08.2005