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Title NSDAP leader's arm band
Nationality German
Period c 1940

This is a fine example of an Ortsgruppenleiter's armband, the pale blue edging indicating Ort level of party leadership, and is complete with party tax tag. Never having been made up, it has obviously been looted from a tailor's shop, and survived in a veteran's collection, carefully folded away out of sunlight.

The inner circle and swastika are made of ribbed silk, the red cloth field of superfine broadcloth with only minor traces of moth tracking here and there. The oak leaf motif is in flat gold thread woven into the body of the cloth. The swastika and surrounding field are further enhanced by gold bullion wire.

These bands were worn by the so-called 'goldene fasanen' (golden pheasants), the party bigwigs who ran German civil administration in the name of the party. There are 38 varieties of NSDAP leadership arm bands, a true challenge for the serious collector!

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Many thanks for the belt buckle, it arrived on Wednesday and I am very pleased with the purchase.

K E, UK, 06.02.2009

Hanger arrived safe and sound 11.30ish today. Very pleased, it's as expected. Your excellent pics make all the difference in terms of confident buying over the net. As a matter of interest, the frog, which as you said is very a/f, is, as you thought, 'spot on'. On closer inspection it is a mk.1 Naval Frog, designated 'for cutlasses'. Date seems around 1860ish give or take.

By the way, I think your site is very user friendly. Seems to work much better than many and up to date, a rarity!!!

C W, UK, 20.04.2006