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Title Prussian train battalion/artillery sabre
Nationality German
Period 1897
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This is the last pattern artillery sabre, in use by the German army until 1918, and through the 20s and 30s. In the very early years of WW2, this model of sabre was also carried by the Third Reich cavalry. Further, it was worn by the Polish cavalry as booty in the form of reparations from WW1.

It is an early example, dated 1897, marked on one side of the forte Erfurt under a crown for the Saxon arsenal and on the other side Otto Mertens, Solingen. The scabbard has extensive regimental marks on the reverse, all of which have been cancelled. However, the last stamp on the throat is 'A.4.18.' for the Fourth Field Artillery Regiment. This is probably the final WW1 issue marking.

I have carefully hand cleaned the hilt to preserve all the ordnance issue stamps. There is a little wear to the leather grip on the obverse side, showing the cord binding (these grips were wood covered with fine calf leather shrunk onto a cord binding).

The blade has been professionally sharpened on a wheel, probably for war service in 1914, and the armourer did a thorough job. It has much of its original factory polish, with a little staining at the end of the blade.

This is the earliest dated example I have ever seen. The later ones had walnut grips and ultimately bakelite.

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Just a quick note to let you know that my bayonet arrived safely today. Many thanks for the speedy delivery and overall excellent service! For its age this bayonet is in fantastic condition.

I will mark your website as a 'favourite'...

S P, UK, 23.01.2012

Very great item and I'm very pleased with it. The bayonet arrived without any problem. Thank you.

M Z, Slovenia, 21.11.2006