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Title RN figure-of-eight cutlass by Reddell, 1804 pattern
Nationality British
Period 1810-15
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This is the Royal Navy cutlass of the middle to latter end of the Napoleonic Wars. It is made by Reddell of Birmingham, who operated from 1803-1821, sometimes associated with Bate (ie Reddell & Bate). The rarity factor here is that it comes with its original scabbard and frog, both somewhat damaged.

This model replaced the earlier version with a lapped steel tube hilt and a slightly shorter blade of the type actually carried at Trafalgar. This model would have, in all probability, seen service after Trafalgar.

The blade (75 cm long) has the GR and crown mark stamped at the forte, together with an inspector's stamp 8 below a crown. The manufacturer's name is on the back of the blade at the forte. The condition of the blade and the exterior of the guard shows old medium pitting throughout, now mostly cleaned off, with what appears to be original paintwork to the interior of the guard and the grip. These weapons are on display on HMS Victory in some quantity.

The scabbard is missing the brass chape at the base and possibly some of the leather. The seam, however, is largely intact, except on the leather frog, where it has come unstitched on one side. The surface of the leather shows age damage and shrinkage, together with some moth damage. In 40 years of trading, this is only the second time I have found one with a scabbard.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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i received the baio - great item - thanks

D P, France, 29.11.2010

Incredibly, I received your shipment today. Super fast delivery, I was expecting it on Saturday. The helmet was, as you said, 100%. The side cap is excellent also...

L T, USA, 08.06.2006