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Title SA kepi (Wehrmannschaft?), last pattern
Nationality German
Period c 1943

These caps were worn by the Storm Troops (SA), whose job was to protect Party speaker at rallies, especially in the early days when the Reds were still a threat. It may well be a Wehrmannschaft example, as the ground colour of the kepi is nearer to a feldgrau colour than Party brown and it carries the last pattern eagle, introduced in 1943.

The Wehrmannschaft were drawn from active elements of the SA and served as auxilliary paramilitaries/Home Guard, providing services such as shooting parties at concentration camps and generally aiding the civil power where there were insufficient police on the ground.

The eagle and central button are in silver finish. The kepi has a synthetic sweatband, leatherette of some sort, and a steel stiffener, which can be seen on the inside shot of the lining. The condition is excellent.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Today received railway truncheon in great nik! Superb item gone to a very good home. Many thanks for your patience with this exercise ... Well done.

A C, Australia, 28.11.2013

Today I have received the Bilbo. It is a beautiful sword. Thank you!

R K, Netherlands, 06.12.2007