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Title Silver-mounted English hunting hanger
Nationality British
Period c 1740
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This is a classic English weapon for finishing off the stag at the end of the chase. The hallmarks would appear to be very badly rubbed, or possibly even false marks, but the mounts are most definitely sterling silver and of English manufacture. This is undoubtedly an original sword. False marks were often applied to get round the duty tax.

These early hangers rarely survive intact, as their construction was fairly fragile to start with. The ebony grip is partly indicative of the date, as well as the general style of the piece. The grooves on the grip are reminiscent of late 17th- and early 18th-century English furniture design. The date of 1740 might be a little late; this could easily be as early as 1720.

The blade is probably a German import, but just possibly Birmingham or Sheffield made.

Its condition is excellent for its age. However there is a small bruise to the silver surface on the back of the quillon block, along with a small hole in the casting. It would not appear to have been taken apart or repaired in any way. The silver knuckle bow and quillon are a little bent, as you would expect for a piece of this age. There is some mild surface corrosion on the blade, most of which as been dealt with.

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I wanted to thank you for the perfect service that you did selling and packing the swords. Everything worked perfect. At the airport I had no troubles at all, the airline took the package without been astonished at all.

H S, Austria, 19.10.2007

The tipstaff arrived today and it's beautiful. I couldn't be more pleased. You're a pleasure to deal with.

D B, USA, 08.01.2007