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Title Tokarev bayonet for SVT40 self-loading rifle
Nationality Russian
Period c 1940-45
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is the 1940 model bayonet for the first successful self-loading Soviet rifle, which fired the standard 7.62 Mosyn-Nagant rimmed rifle cartridge. The issue was, in the main, resticted to NCOs and snipers, as the weapon required more care and maintenance than the soldier's bolt-action rifle/carbine.

This was used predominantly on the Russian front against the Germans and may, towards the end of the war, have seen some limited use against the Japanese. The Germans later produced a refined version of this weapon with a rimless cartridge, thus paving the way for modern assault rifle development.

The ordnance marks at the forte of the blade and the throat of the scabbard are still sharp. The blade shows extensive hand honing marks and there is some damage to the point. The grips, though a little worn, are still in good shape, with what appears to be original varnish. The scabbard shows signs of service, viz. dents here and there and the odd patch of light rust. The integral web belt loop is a little A/F, with oil and grime deposits and minor cuts/wear to the fabric.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Received it safely this morning and extremely happy with it!

S S, UK, 06.01.2010

Hanger arrived safe and sound 11.30ish today. Very pleased, it's as expected. Your excellent pics make all the difference in terms of confident buying over the net. As a matter of interest, the frog, which as you said is very a/f, is, as you thought, 'spot on'. On closer inspection it is a mk.1 Naval Frog, designated 'for cutlasses'. Date seems around 1860ish give or take.

By the way, I think your site is very user friendly. Seems to work much better than many and up to date, a rarity!!!

C W, UK, 20.04.2006