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Title Velo Dog revolver, hammerless .25 centre fire, double action
Nationality Belgian
Period c 1900

Designed as aids for cyclists in Europe against the danger of being chased by stray dogs, the .25 centre fire cartridge was not to be trifled with; the case alone was 3 cm long and the slug was copper jacketed with a soft lead core, certainly capable of dealing with a stray dog! These pistols would have been popular for household defence in the UK.

Designed by Frederick Galland in 1894, they were originally available in a variety of cartridges, including .22 rim fire. This, however, is definitively .25 centre fire and, as such, is on the Home Office list of obsolete cartridges, thus being sold by me under Section 58/2 of the Firearms Act. Fiochi, an Italian ammo factory, stopped making the cartridges for this gun in about 2000, hence the Section 58/2 listing.

The gun has most of its original blue finish, with typically some wear to the cylinder and the folding trigger. However, the action is tight, the bore is in good shape and the wood grips in excellent shape for their age (ie a little wear but no serious problems). The barrel is 1.5" long and the whole gun measures 6" diagonally from butt to muzzle.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Hallo, Mr. Seidler, my buckle comes today in very nice condition

I am delight for next time

T V, Czech Republic, 14.08.2012

The RFC buttons are Wonderful, thank you.

D D, Canada, 11.11.2009