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Title West India Regiment officer's waist belt buckle
Nationality British Empire
Period c 1880-1901

This replaced an earlier pattern which incorporated the battalion numbers. The regiment was the oldest colonial unit raised in the Empire's history. Betwen 1795 and 1800, a total of 12 battalions appeared, serving principally in the Caribbean, but also as garrison troops at Gibraltar as well as New Orleans and Mobile in the 1814/15 Campaign.

Up to 1807 (ie abolition of the slave trade), 87% of the recruits were Africans. Thereafter, local recruitment would have been the norm. The WIR had a magnificent and unblemished military record, whether serving in the Caribbean or in West Africa, always having the advantage over European troops of natural acclimatisation to tropical conditions.

This is a bronze gilt piece, with the die struck badge pinned to the face plate with three rivets. This is unique in the British Army of the period, inasmuch as sugar cane features in the design, along with the more conventional laurel wreath emblems/motifs.

Condition is near mint. Its dimensions are: 10 cms in total from side to side; the central disk is just over 5.5 cms.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Buttons received thanks Chris. Again, very happy. No doubt you'll be hearing from me again soon.

D R, UK, 15.01.2011

I received the medals safely yesterday and I am very pleased with them.

S W, UK, 02.09.2010