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Title Whitney Navy revolver, .36 calibre
Nationality American
Period c 1854-63

This is the second model, identical serial numbers (10789) throughout. The US Government bought some 11,000 of these for the army and some 6,000 for the navy, deliveries running from 1863 and 65 respectively. Whitney was one of the major and oldest of the factories producing muskets and pistols under US Government contract.

The serial number appears on the cylinder, barrel, loading lever and underside of the grips (with 'G' or 'C' and 'T' stamped inside one grip). 'E. Whitney/N.Haven' is still clearly legible on the top barrel flat, near the frame.

This weapon (barrel 7.75" long) has an excellent action - there are four clearly audible 'clicks' on cocking. The bore is very good with scattered scarring from old pitting just visible. The varnish on the grips is still in reasonable shape (no inspectors' marks). The cylinder scene (Union shield, etc) is faintly visible under a magnifying glass. There are traces of factory finish on the underside of the barrel, while the rest of the gun has no finish and some wear to the barrel flats. The nipples are in good order with some surface rust, but almost certainly seized in the cylinder (ie to remove them would require oil and heat).

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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i received the bayonet, everything is very fine, i am very happy with the M1890 and the whole transaction.

P V, Germany, 07.01.2013

Having had time to have a relax and a good look at the brooch, am very pleased with it, many thanks for sending it on promptly and safely. Will keep an eye on the site.

G B, UK, 13.02.2010