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Title Zhob Levy Corps pouch badge, hallmarked silver
Nationality British Empire
Period 1903
Price £190.00

After the annexation of the Zhob District in Baluchistan (1889), the Zhob Levy Corps was raised and came under the control of an English officer (Major), who would have been posted as a Political Officer, not as their commandant (Political Officers were the forerunners of what later became the Indian Political Service).

Once the Zhob Levy Corps was reorganised in 1911 as Zhob Militia, it would probably have been given a British commandant. The badge, however, had changed in 1911 to that of a markhor (a species of mountain goat) upon the summit of a hill or mountain.

The badge is essentially a die-struck piece with Birmingham hallmarks for 1903. However, the central lettering has been hand engraved. The depth of the silver posts on the reverse would almost certainly indicate a pouch badge rather than a cross belt ornament. Its pverall condition is excellent.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Thanks very much for the bayonet. I am very happy, I think your photos of your items are great because nothing is hidden and you can clearly see them. (Unlike some other dealers.) Everything was as you describe, I will be keeping a eye on your site for any further bayonets for my collection.

S W, UK, 10.01.2013

The parcel has arrived. Fantastic bayonets!!! Thank you very much!

M G, Germany, 09.12.2005