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Title Mogul breast plate (approx 12 x 8")
Nationality Indian
Period c 1650-1700
Price £900.00

This is the centre plate, protecting the breast, of a four-plate steel armour,constructed from crucible steel, certainly sword and arrow proof. The floral centre motif is a mid-17th century design of Mogul origin. This would have been worn with a pair of arm guards (Bazu band), a mail shirt and a steel helmet with mail aventail.

The decoration is typical koftgari work (gold overlay) with some chiselled ornament in the floral border. The iron rim has been riveted to the centre plate. The plate defences of this type of armour were held in place by leather straps(viz the buckles in the corners of the plate).

There is perhaps 10-15% loss of the koftgari finish through age and general wear and tear. There are some fissures to the centre of the plate, quite consistent with the construction of armour of this early period. Plate armour was not worn in India before c 1650 and continued in use until the early 19th century.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Just letting you know that the whistle arrived here this morning safe and sound. Your excellent packaging was still totally intact and it took me all of five minutes to break into it to see my purchase. I am very pleased, it is a great whistle.

R C, Australia, 21.12.2012

Bayonets arrived safely just now! Really, they're great, and I will definitely buy from you again.

N F, USA, 03.03.2006