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Title Coastal Artillery cap with SS badges
Nationality German
Period c 1960s+

This dangerous fake would deceive many collectors. The cap is a genuine Coastal Artillery item; the soutache and the badges have all been added to 'create' a more interesting commercial prospect! The skull badge is certainly bogus and the eagle is not totally convincing, but might still be OK.

The lining and the body colour of the cap are the real clues to the Coastal Artillery origins of this piece. SS linings were invariably a grey cotton or rayon material. Furthermore, most SS caps will have, at the very least, a size stamp stencilled into the lining. The colour of the cap is represented best by the top photo - a really green version of field grey, typical of these naval units.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Safely arrived. Many thanks for the information. Your site is on my list of favourites.

R B, UK, 16.11.2005

Received the Party eagle badge this morning (Saturday)... thanks very much for the speedy service.

P J, UK, 02.07.2005