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Title Cornish Militia hanger, 1751 pattern
Nationality English
Period c 1751
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The Cornish Militia was raised c 1666 and remained as a unit until the end of the Napoleonic Wars. This 1751 pattern (with a cast brass hilt) replaced an earlier, simpler version with a brass-bound wood hilt. By 1776, they were only carried by sergeants of line infantry; ordinary infantrymen carried simply a musket and bayonet.

It is marked 'SH' within a running fox on the both sides of the forte, almost certainly for Samuel Harvey of Birmingham. The guard is marked 'M CORNWALL' (Cornish Militia).

The condition is scruffy, but it has a 24.5" blade, somewhat cribbled at the point, with losses from midway on the edge. The blade also has medium pitting throughout. The quillon has been broken off and there is a small split to the back of the guard. The guard is loose around the tang of the blade on account of the original leather washer long since having disintegrated. There is no scabbard.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Hallo Chris, its coming [it came] today, it's very good, thank you.

P P, Sweden, 16.08.2006

Found the item a little on the expensive side and a bit disappointed that you were unwilling to bend a bit on the price of the Officer's Tunic Eagle (half the fun of buying, after all, is the haggling), but impressed by the speed of delivery and the quality of the item. Was well worth it in the long run...

G F, UK, 30.08.2005