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Title Field grey fez for troops (1915 model)
Nationality Austrian
Period c 1915/16

This fez was for the use of the Bosnian Muslim troops in the old Austrian army and succeeded the 1908 model, which was of somewhat cruder construction. In WW2, this tradition was continued by Handschar (Bosnian SS division).

It is made of field grey wool felt and is missing the two regulation loops of twine for the ensignia and the wool yarn tassel. It is stamped on the inside with 'M.D.5 1915' (or 16) together with the number '1' and the letter 'B' in a square with cut corners. It is a comparatively rare survivor from the Great War and is in ex-stores condition.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Hi Chris, just to let you know it arrived safely and I am very happy with it, also the condition. I have been looking for a while for that particular style and maker.. Thanks again for everything and I shall now be keeping an eye on your web page.

C A, UK, 28.09.2010

...what you delivered exceeded expectations, both in terms of quality (item vs. price) & excellence of service. A pleasure to do business with. Rest assured, when the 'bayonet bug' bites, 'Antique-Militaria' will always be paid a visit.

N L, UK, 29.06.2010