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Title Garde insignia, possibly for busby or shako?
Nationality German
Period c 1916
Price £250.00

This (9cm diameter) appears to be made out of a Prussian Garde star in pressed tin with a blackened finish. However, the centre element of the star has been cut away and a German crown, possibly a ducal one, imposed thereon. I don't think this is a modern pastiche piece; I think it is a war-time example of some Garde unit for a minor German state.

This crown reminds me of the crown one finds on Hessian belt buckles, both in brass and in anodised steel. From the size and curvature of the badge, it would appear to have been designed with a busby or shako in mind, rather than a pickelhaube.

The loops on the reverse are lead soldered in the traditional manner. One of the prongs of the star is broken, otherwise the piece is in reasonably good shape for its age.

If anyone knows what this is, I would be very interested to hear.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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just recieved my kukri. its a lovely piece with a bit history, love it. it will add greatly to my collection.

R C, UK, 04.09.2015

Very pleased with Mutterkreuz you sent me, thanks for your efficient service and hope to do business in future.

P N, UK, 09.09.2009