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Title NSKK dirk, RZM marked M7/68
Nationality German
Period 1941
Price £750.00

This is the SA dirk 1933 pattern, modified with a black finish to the scabbard by order of Korpsfuhrer Huhnlein in 1936. The RZM code stands for the firm Lauterjung & Co of Solingen. The top chape is engraved '15/24547' for Standarte 15, part of Nordmark Motorgruppe at Itzehoe, with the owner's personal NSKK number.

The NSKK numbered some 350,000 men in 1934, representing the motorised arm of the SA. In wartime they provided vital training courses for tank/truck drivers in conjunction with the Wehrmacht.

Good examples of NSKK daggers are becoming harder to find and this one ticks most of the boxes on condition. The screw heads have not been mangled. There are some minor dents to the bottom chape. The paintwork appears to be original. There are two minor gouges to the top nut (see photo). The blade retains virtually all original factory finish, eg extant grind marks. The wood of the grip shows very little wear, with only a little lifting of the EPNS finish on the mounts.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I am wholly delighted with the shako plate. [It] is a wee cracker. It is a real pleasure to have something combining both condition and quality in equal parts, and I simply could not be more pleased.

R H, UK, 08.01.2010

Thank you very much for sending the order through so quickly.

S H, UK, 05.02.2009