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Title Silver-hilted smallsword
Nationality Dutch
Period 1650
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This early smallsword has an Italian blade, made probably at Belluno in the state of Venice in the late 16th century by Andria Ferara, undoubtedly the town's most famous blade smith. Belluno was the premier blade-making town in the Veneto and exported blades far and wide. Today it is located in the Alto Adige region, in the foothills of the Alps.

The hilt, by contrast, is a cast silver example (800 grade metal) from Holland or, just possibly, England, dates from about 1650 and must be amongst one of the earliest smallswords on record.

The blade, of backsword type, has two fullers and is 32.75" long. The subject matter of the hilt decor is the Green Man or Wodenwose, long a folklore figure across all of northern Europe, derived from pagan, pre-Christian. There is also an extensive vine leaf motif in ajoure relief throughout the guard. The hilt would appear to have the original silver wire service with a beechwood grip. There is a multitude of deep pit holes throughout the blade and the maker's name is badly rubbed on one side.

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The documents were absolutely perfect - more than I expected.

C T, UK, 21.02.2012

The bayonet is a splendid addition to my collection...

C T, UK, 03.12.2008